EUR has participaded in the development of a new GY6 engine called the GY6-SLine. This engine fits in the GY6 125/150 and 177 holdings and its a 199.1cc engine with much more power have better top speed than the current GY6 honda based engine.


Piston: 60mm
Compression ratio: 9.7:1m
Valves: 2Valves OHC
Colling: Air and Oil
Idiling speed: 1500rpm
Power: 13(with 85octanes and restricted catalitic converter) ~18hp (depending on configuration)
Speed: 115 ~145Km/h (depending on veicule characteristics)
Torque: 10 N.m.
Wheight: 50Kg
References: PGO G-Max 200cc
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Power engine S-Line is suplied with:
Complete Engine + transmition+ generator:-------------------------------------------425Usd
Carburator + conector:-------------------------------------------------------------------- 50Usd
Air Filter:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 Usd
CDI:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------15 Usd
Muffler:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35 Usd
Rectifier:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Usd
TOTAL:------------------------------------------------------------------------ 550 Usd

PROMOTION:------------------------------------------------------------------500 Usd
We ship this engine to Europe from Portugal
We ship this engine to USA from Taizhou (China)
The dimensions are: 65,4x55,6x33,2cm
The Wheight is: 50Kg


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